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000 coronavirusCurrently to the virus

to the COP26 News down below

The corona virus is just one problem of capitalism, in order to be able to increase profits further and further
we have to penetrate ever further into nature and so we come into contact with wild animals there.

Anyone who observes the development of multi-resistant germs will find that antibiotics are used
in factory farming, which promote the formation of these germs. Because for these reasons the emergency antibiotics are already being used, hospitals around the world can hardly cope with these dangerous germs.

It was only a matter of time before such a virus appeared and we can count ourselves lucky that this virus is still relatively weak. It could have been Ebola or a similar mutant.

Regarding the economy: The world's stock exchanges already wanted to collapse in December 2018, and in 2019 the stock exchanges were bobbing at a high level. Therefore, an economic war developed between China and the United States. The new President of the United States is violently trying to increase the profits of his desolate economy. The information for the masses is that the economy went badly because of this economic war. Anyone who is familiar with economies, however, knows that such economic wars arise because of the poorly performing economy and not vice versa. Most often, economic wars occur at the end of the possibilities to further increase profits. A worldwide recession was clearly emerging.

Conclusion: As early as 2019, profits could not be increased anymore, despite considerable funds being pumped into the economy by the central banks.

The corona virus is therefore not the trigger of a new global economic crisis, but only the catalyst. The reasons for this new global recession lie elsewhere.

Please read on the page: "Economy" where the actual reasons for this decline lie, which can now probably no longer be resolved, even with the considerable funds that are to be pumped into the economy.

During this virus crisis, the next problems will soon come up to us again, the fourth wave due to carelessness, plus:

Devastating droughts, floods and forest fires in Germany, southern Europe, the USA and Russia.

2021 was a terrible year, especially for the poorest.Now the WHO says: “Hunger is back”¯ !!

The days of an economy that continues to grow steadily are actually over.

Bad consequences of the previous mismanagement are now approaching us.

The managers of this world still think they are successful. Far from it, right now we see the consequences of their mistakes lying ahead of us.

So, we have to convince above all, those who do not consider it necessary to change anything because they are still take profit from this system just in this moment. My research has shown me that in the end only 10% of the world's population may have an advantage. All others will have to sell their last silver to survive. But also these 10% will have to restart in a polluted world, which is always haunted by natural catastrophes.
COP26 Current

There was no shortage of promises at the climate conference in Glasgow. India, the last important country, has now also committed itself to climate neutrality, but not until 2070. Then the states agreed to fight deforestation together, from 2030 onwards. Ultimately, however, experts reckoned the states' new climate targets and came to the conclusion that the global community is far from limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Rather, it is heading for 2.4 -3.7 degrees Celsius. See also my calculation example regarding Mexico. We cannot refuse Central and South America the so-called prosperity, also an African will try to be able to call an SUV his own as quickly as possible ... So personally, I think: If not something really fundamental is happen, even the calculated 2.4 - 3.7 degrees Celsius are far from what we can really expect.

An example:

From the environmental report for Mexico. By 2050, 50% of the energy should come from solar energy. Mexico is considered a pioneer in this region. Economic growth is ~ 2.0% per year, so Mexico's economy will grow by 62% in 2050. In addition, there is a population growth of ~ 1.3% per year, so the population will grow by ~ 40% by 2050. In Mexico, CO² emissions will increase about 50% as much. If we take a look at the Mexico Stock Exchange, it is striking that it grows by ~ 5.0% per annum, which means that poverty in Mexico will continue to grow strongly despite good economic growth.

Plundering masses will go through the streets and hang the ones they consider the guilty.

Whoever does not believe this, I remember the words of John Maynard Keynes and the time from 1928 to 1945. He was right. And now? Think about.

I say, we are already in the same position again and this time is much worse. Nature and their laws does no longer make any compromises and we have atomic bombs

But there is another way.

We can create a positive flow in all people so we can all live with one another with a good feeling.

Read more if you like.

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