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1.) Psychology of nonsense

Concentration is like a budget! Humans are not multitasking like a computer. They think they are. But the brain's ability to think is limited. Imagine you have 100 euros available and you have to deal with it. If you invest 75 euros in your appearance, you only have 25 euros left for housing, life and working. In the end, you may only have 2 euros left to find a life partner, one reason why there are so many singles. So the whole circus around us increasingly takes away our thinking capacity, upsets us unnecessarily and prevents us from being in the here and now. We live a surreal life! That only exists in our imagination. All the drama is created by the advertising specialists and "social media" on behalf of those who only want your best, your money. But for what? Also just to be able to show off. So you're a victim of your own work, that's why you're doing it. Because ancient fear and flight reactions are exploited, which nobody can escape because they can sometimes be important to survive (Picture A). The primal brain makes no distinction between useful and useless, it simply reacts.

We do that with our brain (first picture), we put it in a big state of excitement. Most of our thoughts are concerned with securing our life situation. All day and all night.

It doesn't matter whether the person is poor or rich. Being rich is useless.

For example, we spend more than half of our spiritual energies on food, shelter, and family lodging. We waste a lot of energy, especially to protect against bad times and to secure our social position. We're stressed all the time for nothing. The social media contribute to the fact that the difficulties falling asleep are increasing sharply and recently have to be compensated with various remedies.

This naturally leads to a reduction in our performance and concentration.

Normally, irrational actions related to social position for the purpose of mating should subside with post-puberty, but especially in these modern times when we are no longer tying ourselves together for life, the state of irrational actions often persists into old age.

And that feels very uncomfortable!

Stressed Brain       Steam Brain       Fear and Escape,  Source: Daniel Goleman       Advertising Effect

But why is it so? Why do we know what is right and yet always do the wrong thing?

Well, that's mostly down to what's called the basic brain (second Picture). These are parts that we have had since our time of development, they contain all the information of our experience and animals also have these parts. They are different from the rest of our brain, which is mostly made up of protein. This can change, it can grow, form connections and rebuild them again in a relatively short time. Therefore, we can learn and refine or forget what we have learned in order to replace it with newly learned ones. The basic brain parts can't because they're made of a different material, it's a fleshier consistency. Therefore, these parts only change in evolutionary steps from generation to generation. With one part of our brain we are already flying to Mars and with the other part we are still sitting around the campfire with our clubs. Unfortunately, the campfire brain is directly connected to all of our perceptual senses and dominates us. That's why we have to take a leap and trust our neocortex, that's the name of the brain region with which we consciously think, this was and is the teaching of the prophets and psycholigist.

What weighs heavily is the fact that those parts that dominate us, particularly the reward and fear centers, are the leaders. They have a shortcut to all our perceptions and they are able to override our rational thinking. This is exactly what advertising uses to dominate us.(Picture B)

2.) Psychology of the disease

Furthermore, it makes the whole, so-called social life sick. Especially working in stupid jobs makes us totally depressed. Already C.G. As early as the 1950s, Jung said that most people actually need a psychiatrist and that people would go even worse if the advertising and all the other influences of the so-called meritocracy were suddenly no longer there. As early as the imperial era around 1900, there were teasing doilies in picture frames that said things like: “Diligence, chastity and honesty are the hallmarks of the maid” and the master of the house worked practically nothing, raped the maid and put her out on the street if she was pregnant.

But somehow there is at least a small sense in all the hustle and bustle, one lives, earns one's money and is somehow busy. But that's not really fulfilling. The best thing is that everyone thinks almost the same but nobody talks about it. So everyone thinks they're the only person who's doing badly. And so everyone is busy suppressing, compensating and postponing. They distract yourself with TV programs and dull, silly vacations, and that's how you stay in the system

Mental illness, Source: Statista     Sleep disorders, Source: Statista     Gallup Statistics, Source: Arte 

I found out that the brainstem can accept certain new behaviors if they prove useful. But you have to train it. Nothing in life is for free and, as we now know, the punishment for comfort that one allows oneself comes with a slight delay. Also one would have to free oneself from all social constraints and be prepared to endure the criticism of those who still swim with the current or even lead it. Not an easy matter. The Trick of all is: You would lose a lot of "Friends, maybe you life partner and you would get no more praise, likewise a wapon that going direktly in to your reward system and provides a certain level of satisfaction there. That's why it's so popular to use it. Of course also in advertising. That's how we're kept and how we keep ourselves in the system even though we know it's wrong.

But if you break out, you would regain your dignity, self-respect, self-knowledge and self-confidence, and of course your performance would also increase extremely.

3.) Psychology of high performance

Here and now Power     Hardly anyone knows

And that feels good

Because it would lead to this behavior (picture above). Instead of devoting most of our energy to our preservation and social position, we could now focus all of our energy on being in the here and now. And that feels very good!

So if we were all determined to be together, act together and always help each other, we could leave behind the old ways of selfishness in the future. The brain really seems to know this, because there is already information from our development time. Faith and the resulting good effects namely.

That would not only be more rational and effective, it would also be much more pleasant for us, very important for our lives, we want that. We want to free ourselves from burdens, but unfortunately we go the way of letting others work for us, which requires new thought processes and burdens us again. Refusing to engage properly and honestly leads to a severe lack of self-confidence. We also cannot trust others and therefore need weapons, for example.

The bad thing about behavior today is that our striving to make as much money as possible, and the resulting consequences of making the poor poorer and poorer, stimulates the old brainstem and confirms its actions. Above all, advertising is our biggest enemy. Not the advertising itself, but the way it is done. It's based on what I just explained. Its main purpose is to bypass our neocortex, the part we use to think rationally and only target the old brain areas. As a result, our rational thinking is inhibited and we do not develop further. Implanted chips don't help either.

We constantly feel bad and lonely, whether rich or poor, we look for recognition and love and don't really find it. We don't live, we just survive and if we continue like this we won't be able to do this anymore either. Our children will soon learn of what I write here. We're already seeing some of it.

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