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1.) Psychology of Nonsense

That's what we do with our brains (first picture), we put it in a great excitement. Most of our thoughts are concerned with securing our life situation. All day and all night.

Regardless of whether human is poor or rich.
So being rich does not use anything.

For example, we spend more than half of our brainpower on food, shelter, and shelter the family. Especially to protect against bad times and especially to secure the social position, we waste a lot of energy. We are stressed up the whole time for nothing.

Of course, this leads to a reduction in our performance and concentration.

Normally, the irrational actions to social position, for the purpose of pairing,  with post-puberty should diminish, but it is precisely in these modern  times when we no longer binds us for a life long together, that the state of  irrational actions often continues.

And this feels very uncomfortable !

Stressed Brain000s Spacer 1Steam Brain

But why is it this way? Why do we know what's right and still do exactly the wrong thing?

Well, this is mainly due to the so-called stem brain. (second picture) These are parts that we have since our development time, they contain all the information of our experience and even in animals, these parts are  present. They are different from the rest of our brain, which consists mainly of protein. This can change, it can grow, form links and also remodel and in a relatively short time. Therefore, we can learn and refine or forget what we have learned to replace it with newly learned. The parts of the stem brain can do it not, because they are made of a different material, it is a more meaty Consistency. Therefore, these parts only change in evolutionary steps, from generation to generation. With one part of our brain we are already flying to Mars and with the other part we are still sitting with the mace by the campfire. Unfortunately, the campfire brain is directly connected to all our perceptions and dominates us. Therefore, we must take a leap and trust our neocortex, which is the brain region we consciously think with; this was and is the teaching of the prophets.

What weighs heavily is the fact that these parts, dominate us, especially the reward and fear center, are the leaders. They have a short cut to all our perceptions and they are able to overrule our residual brain. This is exactly what uses the advertising to dominate us.

But I found that the stem brain can accept certain new behaviours when they are proven to be beneficial.

2.) Psychology of  High Performance

Here and now Power

That feels good

Because it would lead to this behavior  (picture above). Instead of spending most of our energy on our preservation and social position, we could now use the full energy for our being in the here and now. And that feels very good !

So, if we were all determined to be together, to act together, and to always help each  other out, then in the future we could let the old Methods of egoism behind us. The brain seems really know this, because there are already information from our development time. The faith, and the resulting good effects namely. The idea behind it was and is, if you can trust yourself, you do not always have to think nonsensical stuff. Very easily.

Not only  would that be more rational and effective, it would also be a lot more,  enjoyable for us, very important for our live, we want that. We want to free ourselves of burdens, but unfortunately, we go the way to let others work for us, which requires new thinking  process and burden us again. The refusal to engage properly and honestly leads to a serious lack of self-confidence. So we can not trust others and therefore need weapons, for example.

The worst part of today behavior is that our endeavour to make as much money as possible and the consequences that result from it, namely, that the poor are getting more and more  poorer, stimulate the old stem brain and confirm his actions. Above all, advertising is our biggest enemy. Not the advertisement itself, but the way it is done. It is made in the knowledge of what I just explained. Above all, it shall bypass our neocortex, the part with which we think rationally and address only the old brain areas. Thus our rational thinking is inhibited and we do not develop. There help even no implanted chips.

We feel constantly bad and lonely, whether poor or rich, looking for recognition and love and do not really find it. We do not live like that, we only survive and if we keep it up we will not be able to do this anymore. Our children will soon find out what I am writing here.

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