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I prefer a constructive cooperation in the team


philosophically: A philosophical school founded by Peirce and James, which proposes a secure construction of knowledge through the combination of mathematical-logical and scientific methodology
2. generally: An attitude that focuses only on factual circumstances and practical action

Green might win a black versus red battle, but could they also run an economy?

In many countries, green parties do not yet have the same status as in Europe and/or are not yet part of governments.In the USA there is no real socialist party, there the Democrats are often described as socialist by their rivals, the Republicans. There is the "SPUSA" (Socialist Party USA), but it rejects classic socialism and capitalism and only plays a very subordinate role in politics.

Can one country produce a solution of our problems?

It is true that most capitalists have always maintained that "capitalism" is the only right way and greed is the only viable human character. Characteristic of these people is also the assertion that only a patriarchal, hierarchical or even despotic leadership style is the right one.

However, this brings us to the brink of ruin, because capitalism automatically leads to uncontrolled mass production and greed to mass consumption, and how it always ends, we also know, world economic crises, hunger, misery, wars. This is mainly due to the management style. It is known that a head is not enough. A team thinks better and more effectively.

The socialists could not really convince in the past, if only because this so-called socialism was only a socialist dictatorship. Although there was less production there, unfortunately to the chagrin of the citizens, pollution was and often is much higher in these states

However, it should be noted that the capitalists do not let the socialists rise up, but fight socialism like an enemy because they all fear for their private property. The extreme socialists want to generalize everything, limit property to a minimum and expropriate other property, including companies. The far greater problem with most moderate socialist parties, however, is the alms approach, here they try to give the wage earner a little more of the cake, to insure him, to create good health systems and school education, to support the unemployed and the like. Apart from the fact that all these systems do not solve the basic problem, it is inflation that making the oh-so-beautiful social security systems unaffordable over time. In this way, the social systems are gradually being dismantled and/or slimmed extremly down.

John Maynard Keynes was one of the proponents of compensating through taxes rather than trying to change characters. But since the profits have to be increased exponentially according to the law, this would also have to be done with the taxes, which would be good for the social systems but would make the capitalist-exponential profit-taking impossible and thus stall the economy. Because from a certain point there is hardly any money left in the economy, which makes it extremely dependent on the financiers who only invest the obligatory 10% of their capital if a corresponding profit can be expected. Rich business people are already creating their money in tax havens in order to optimize their profits. Higher taxes, which socialists like to demand again and again, are also not a solution.

The climate is hanging down, the problems are becoming more and more complex and have to be solved in completely new ways. The consequences of this policy, the consequences of mass production, monoculture plantations, factory farming and the inappropriate treatment of the environment are becoming increasingly clear. Above all, however, the input of currently ~ 38 billion tons of CO2 annually makes things difficult for the planet. In the already hot regions of the earth, which have traditionally been exploited and have also been prevented from developing, people can hardly live anymore and try to improve their situation by migrating to the north. This fact, together with the effects of inflation, rising prices in all sectors, falling wages and dwindling social systems, produce fears and drove the citizens of the northern countries into the arms of right-wing populists. At the same time, more and more attacks are being carried out, shootings, stabbings and killing sprees are increasing, as is global warming of the earth's surface.

Due to the problems ahead, the severity of which will surely cause more suffering in the future, citizens will become even more violent in the future. Already today, socially better off people live in many countries in shielded and guarded areas to protect themselves from robbery and violence. On the other hand, more and more slums are emerging in which violence prevails at all levels.

A solution is not in sight. On no level. Not even a “ggreen”h revolution will happen. How should this work under capitalism? At best, the result will be compromises painted green, because we would have to continue to increase profits to infinity, produce more and more. It can also be strongly doubted that the Green parties would be able to lead economies. Especially since these parties obviously believe that they do not have to change the system, i.e. capitalism. A big problem is also the claim to want to solve the problem nationally, that cannot work and so-called miracles Machines such as fusion reactors will not work for at least a hundred years, if at all, by which time we would already be faced with excessive murder and manslaughter, a nuclear war and/or a sea level rise of 12-16 meters as things stand now.

Conclusion: There is no more time for dogmatism. All party tendencies are not suitable for the leadership of one earth. Individual Countries alone cannot generate a solution to the pending problems. So it only works together.

All parties together, it is important to note that fascism is not a political direction but a psychological illness, and all countries of the world together.

That's the only way it will work!

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