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Every government is responsible for the health of its citizens. Weapons undermine this high standard.

This results in certain laws that must be observed de facto: Above all, heavy offensive weapons are prohibited.
An army capable of waging aggressive wars cannot be accepted. War is murder and manslaughter, nothing else.

This can be enforced by criminal complaints to the International Court of Human Rights.

Because such scenarios represent a serious intentional bodily harm and manslaughter! We must put an end to this.

While we always condemn such destruction afterwards, we do the same damage over and over again. We have to stop it.

If it's criminal and reprehensible, we have to let it go and if we do this, we don't need weapons either.

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Every country in the world has to sign a peace treaty with every other country in the world.All heavy weapons, war planes and helicopters, rocket launchers, tanks, grenades, warships, submarines and so on, all nuclear weapons carriers and bombs must be disposed of immediately.Heavy weapons or other war equipment may no longer be built.The nuclear warheads must be de-radiated quickly (it works). The same applies to nuclear power plants and their waste.The incidents in Chernobyl and Fukushima also correspond to the facts of intentionally negligent bodily harm and manslaughter.

If this is what a majority of the world's population wants, they can easily enforce these claims through a class action lawsuit, the costs of which must be borne by the government officials who made the decision, not the taxpayers.

Ordinary citizens are also no longer allowed to carry weapons, otherwise the state cannot guarantee the safety of its citizens.

It is often said that arms must be used to protect democracy.The socialist regimes claim they have to protect themselves from the capitalists.All of this is just silly gossip.The purest kindergarden.There is and never was socialism, it was only a social dictatorship and there is no democracy, these systems are always a capital dictatorship.
Both systems are responsible for the current conditions on earth.

In Germany there is a very nice word for leadership: "Re-gier-ung", which means "restrain greed". Almost no government does this, mostly it is the governments and a small bubble of beneficiaries who are rich, the others get poorer and poorer until a revolution breaks out and therefore they need all the weapons to protect greed, both national andalso internationally.

Nevertheless, it is well known that even a revolution does not lead to positive results. Maybe it was different in Cuba, but people also weren't live well there either because they were being bullied by the capitalist dictatorships. Weapons in this case almost led to World War III, with nuclear weapons. Now we are again on the brink of World War III.In the Ukraine, a system war has broken out again, which can escalate into a nuclear war at any time.

What we need to do to prevent such a scenario forever is that now all we have to do is wait until, through the derailed environment, the coming weather and environmental events, the increasing poverty and the financial collapse anticipated even by true financial experts, thesuffering and fear have increased.Or in short: "Until the suffering is greater than the indolence to act unreasonably".

Then it is easy to persuade the governments and the rich to act as rationally and wisely as possible.

In addition, it is also necessary to increase the pressure on the streets through mass demonstrations, as the children's movement "Fridays for Futur" initiated by Greta Thunberg shows us, the so-called adults.

It is precisely under this pressure, in which the rich and powerful realize that they are big losers and what they have done, that change can still succeed.The time window closes with increasing speed.If various climate targets are not achieved by 2030, nothing can be done.

It is possible to build a real world democracy without violence and weapons.

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World    Pollution   Air   Weather   Violence    Women    Weapons   Psychology    Plants   Animals   Food    Peace   Faith    Imprint