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That's what we do not want any more (first picture). The profits are too high due to interest or yield. The result is that the profit is not driven by economic growth, but by the poorest. At the moment it is again so that 10% of the population still has something of it and the other 90% have to pay for it all.

So there are fewer and fewer rich that are getting richer, more and more poor that getting poorer and poorer and at the end, nobody can buy all the nice goods and there is the next world economic crisis.  It is no use anything to develop even more products, on the contrary, nonsensical mass production destroys our shared living space. This system has existed since Aristotle and was brought to the Western world by the Romans like a disease, and always re-established as a law by certain circles. It is responsible for all crises, wars and the human made warming of the atmosphere. It is unfairly and stupid and must therefore be abolished immediately.

The Problem000s Spacer 1The Solution

This (second picture) is the fair solution to the problem. Everyone gets the reward of their work, the capital of all people grows evenly together with economic growth. Now, economic growth does not always have to increase more and more, there is no overproduction, less waste, less CO². Incidentally, it is much easier here to start a business or a venture, as the funds are available faster.

The implementation is very simple. Capital growth and profits are compensated for by a reciprocal curve. This has to be done, for example, in technology, otherwise the technology would not work because it is bound by natural laws.

This is what the masters of financial engineering and above all the politicians do not want to understand. They think they could decouple her stupid system from nature and would be capable to control it. But that does not work because even this system is subject to the laws of nature of the universe.

Problem Interest rate Problem solved

With this dynamic interest and yield model, the money comes in for everyone, much faster. But are limited at a certain amount.

It is very easy to solve the problem

Now you will surely ask why it will not be done then. Well, this is just as easy because the rich do not want it. Only then can they can revoke the money from the market, store it in accounts and demand again money for giving out. Whenever these people invest, they demand lush returns of around 10%, even though growth is only 1.5-3.0%. Only so is it possible is it possible to earn a lot of money without having to work for it. The workers on the other hand are impoverished because they have to pay the missing 7.0-8.5%  from their wages. This is done by constantly rising prices, by lowering wages, by rising rents. The taxes of the rich decline. Social elements of the government are canceled. Schröder's so-called Agenda 2010 led to the dismantling of the welfare state in Germany, subsequently. The EU copying it all over Europe and, above all, plunging the Greek population into deep poverty. Also in the US, the "New Deal" was dismantled, the dealers gave credits on fake, lousy collateral, which were then sold, so they moved in 2008, the whole world into a financial crisis. Only by printing money, as before 1929, was the crisis kept stable. It is far from over. Money will be printed again and again.

The solution, however, is not to lower the total interest rate like it is currently being managed, because then it only hits the small saver. It is important to use the compensation model like a keyboard. People with low savings receive a lot of interest rate, people with a lot of capital accordingly less, no or even negative interest rates and that dynamically, the stronger the capital grows, the smaller the interest rate. So we can control any kind of process as we like. If you want to boost the sales of electric vehicles and ensure that the poorer worker is not disadvantaged, you set up a special savings plan that works according to the above pattern.

The banks assume the role of a semi-official trustee who manages both savings deposits and loans, according to state-specific patterns. These patterns are identified by financial expert teams and their impact is constantly monitored. Disclosure of the financial circumstances of each person and every financial transaction is indispensable.

So that no one earns to much money on the stock market in order and draw to high returns there, the same conditions must apply to the returns. The small investor receives relatively much return while the big investor has to settle for smaller results. Freely negotiated interest and yields will not exist. Because this is one of the main problems.

The banks promise, for competitive reasons, their customers the highest possible interest or returns and then see themselves in the impossibility of somehow but possible to do. Likewise, firms and corporations are forced to carry out so-called restructuring measures, such as cutting costs, which in turn means worsening service and dismissing employees. In addition, the companies are constantly forced to produce more and more short-lived goods, which leads us back into unnecessary mass production.

We do not want all this any more. We want a high quality of goods that are usable and repairable for a maximum of a long time and do not pollute the environment. Services that deserve this name and need not be thinned out piece by piece. We do not want a culture of fast wealth for a few but a sustainable growth for all. For all people all over the world and not just for those who, for some reason, came to enjoy a modern economy earlier than others.

For those countries that have not yet been able to develop wealth applies little to no interest on loans, high interest rates on savings deposits, high returns on stock market activities, even here dynamically, the demand is covered. After it will be changed.

For the now rich and powerful this system offers also extremely good conditions.

Without new collapses, your deposits are not quite as high but extremely secure. The entire work with the deposit insurance is eliminated. In view of the current major crisis, this may even be the only way to at least partially hold your property, not just the collateral  like gold, art or real estate, which would also not be safe in the case of a revolution. There is no more stress, no fears of total loss, no cumbersome real estate transactions are needed any more. The prices remain virtually stable until the end of the world, which  releases previously bound costs ... and above all, please read the chapter on psychology well, you will appreciate this new life very much. Stable prices bring unprecedented planning security and thus peace of mind

Cause the States have a lot of resources by this business, they are always able to invest in the very projects that are needed at the moment, which allows us all to invest really reasonable and not wrong , dictated by the money, as it is now and what leads us to the brink of ecological collapse.

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